Some frequently asked questions...

How does it work?

Our main focus is to attend to the specific needs of providers within a particular community who depend on a designated practice management system. EBS works in harmony with your practice to verify benefits and oversee all accounts receivable. This enables both our team and yours to access real-time claim status and reports.

Will you bill out of network insurance companies?

EBS will submit claims to both in and out of network insurance companies alike. This also includes EAPs. 

Will you bill worker’s compensation, auto accident and other injury cases?

EBS will verify, bill and follow up on injury cases.

Will EBS send patient statements? 

Yes, EBS runs a monthly patient statement cycle and reviews all statement’s for accuracy before sending e-statement or paper statements via mail. 

May patients call you regarding billing?

Absolutely, EBS is happy to assist patients with all their billing inquiries.